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    Misp!! - home of White's Bikes
      Les's Main Store and Lab. Motorcycle pool tables, fishing rods, boats, vehicle rezzers, scooters, police bikes, mocassin jet ski, off road race track, games, sportbike, White's Bikes. Race track.
    Snowpeach - racetrack - Secondlife
      Home of SNOWPEACH racetrack modeled after Brands Hatch in England. Host's races as part of MotoSL and FormulaSL as well as other motorsports events. Based in Secondlife, your virtual world.
    HD's Custom Cycles, Inc
      life://The Sirens Grotto/173/120/28
      Great selection of bikes including drag bikes, trikes, cruisers with bags. and other hot stuff.
    Knight's way to NoR - racetrack and role play
      Knight's way to NoR is the race circuit and drag strip lane of the Land of NoR role play and combat community. The track is long and has some challenging corners and curves with a nice "twist on top". Secondlife
    TAMA Motors, Fine Motorcycles and parts in SL
      We are a maker of finely detailed and sculpted motorcycles and parts and cater to bikers and also keep the ladies and, the community known as tinies, in mind. We have demo bikes available to test drive...c'mon down and see us.
    H.S.C.C Road Rage
      This is the Sim of H.S.C.C custom choipper in SL..there you can find one entirely dedicated to bikers and your bikes..You can ride your bike see you friend and find the best bikes on SL..
    Adrenalin Cycles
      Motorcycles for everyones taste. From Crotch Rockets to Harley. All with diffrent options. Very fast bikes hud and menu control.
    LIL SLurgis (STURGIS)
      Yes, they recreated downtown Sturgis in Second life.
    Sugar Hill Biker Heaven
      One of the best tracks to ride your bike in SL; lots of curves so not (easy) for the inexperienced! Biker clothing as well as quality wear for women, piercings, boots, etc.
    Second Life Motorcycle
      An information blog about the meanderings of a SecondLife neko, including information on where to find, obtain, and ride bikes as well as find bike related paraphernalia.
    Bags' Choppers
      life://JB Islands1/174/72/25
      They sell choppers, all colors and 2-up options.
    Danger Bike Works
      Home of Danger Bike & Motor Works Custom Choppers, Street Bikes and Drag Bikes, Trikes and HIGH Prim Cars and full-perm resale bike parts. We also carry a nice selection of tattoos and clothing.
    Koose's Kustom Choppers
      Variety of cruiser and chopper bikes with coloring choices.
    Naughty ~n~ Nice
      Biker Attire from some of SL's Top Designers. Leather, chaps, boots and more attitude.
    Kru's Boutique
      Not strictly a motorcycle site but there is a classy looking standard and a scooter available here. Gear too.


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