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1.   /5 repair tricks by Duane Ausherman
    100 pages of articles about how to repair and tune your older BMW. These are the tricks learned in my dealership when we sold them new. A dealership that had the nations largest service shop.

2.   /5 Online Owners Manual
    Online Owner's Manual and detailed service data.

3.   Roger's /5 Bike Tech Page
    How Not to Repair Your BMW /5 Motorcycle

4.   Slash - 5 Motorcycle Tech - Winter Storage
    This is from and written by Ron Miller. I use it for winter storage (that's a LONG time here in Minnesota %^) with good results.

5.   Slash 5 - Motorcycle Tech - About Rockers
    What follows is a pair of emails that I found tremendously informative about the rockers on most all BMW R-bikes.

6.   Slash 5 Motorcycle Tech - Carbs
    I recently rebuilt the Bing CV carburetors on my R75/5. Most of the truly useful information that was needed was already out there on the web, most notably is Jim Buchanan's carb page.

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